Snowy Mountain Range In Wyoming

Hiking in Star Valley Wyoming and the Greater Yellowstone Area

Snowy Mountain Range In WyomingHiking and horse back riding in this part of the west is an adventure straight out of the old west. There are so many beautiful trails that provide not only scenic beauty but allow the outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to GET AWAY from it all. Not to mention the animals, birds and endless blue sky that are waiting.

Anything can happen horseback riding or hiking. Wildlife sightings are the norm, moose, elk, deer, and bison are a daily occurrence if you are lucky you might see a wolf, mountain sheep, or bear. Extreme weather can be expected any time. A clear sunny day can quickly become stormy, bringing lightning, hail and sometimes snow.

Hiking and horseback riding in the Greater Yellowstone Region offers such a great array of trails choices are difficult, but it’s tough to go wrong. Mountaineering stores and saddle shops provide information, maps and books to help you stay informed. Consult authorities for current conditions and wildlife sightings before venturing into the back country. The more informed you are, the more comfortable your trip into the mountains will be.

Here are a few of the more popular trails. Just click on the headings for more information on each trail.

The Goodwin Lake Trail

is one of those hike/rides that start by driving your car to about the 8,000-foot elevation. This trip is popular for its proximity to the town of Jackson and Grand Teton National Park. It ¡s relatively short length and ample outdoor rewards await. more

Heart Lake Trail

just over the continental divide from Yellowstone Lake is one of the most pristine areas of Yellowstone National Park, the Heart Lake drainage. The only sign left by man are trails and minimal campgrounds. more

Teton Crest Trail

The Teton Crest Trail can be done many different ways; the full route is 39 miles, from Teton Pass on Highway 22 to String Lake in Grand Teton National Park, just north of Jenny Lake. more

Little Greys River Trail

The Little Greys River Trail is a treat, the drive up from Alpine is gorgeous, a short way out of Alpine you enter the Greys River Narrows (the whitewater section) and there are some nice views of the river. more

North Willow Creek Trail

North Willow Creek Trail is one of the more accessible trails into the rugged and scenic Salt River Range from Star Valley Wyoming. The first couple of miles there are several creek crossings but as you climb the trail veers away from the creek. more

Strawberry Creek Trail

Strawberry Creek Trail is one of the more accessible trails into the rugged and scenic Salt River Range from Star Valley Wyoming. more

For more exciting trails click here and Happy Hiking!!!!